Wednesday, 12 September 2012

500 Club

Great to see that Oscar is back in the game... or at least as much as he can be, competing in Abu Dhabi by car ;)  I was just beginning to think this was a one-horse race - Simon seems marooned on the 88% mark, Chris has chucked in competitive-birding-by-bike in favour of pavement-head-surfing, and Pete was last seen in pursuit of a suite of September rarities that fell just outside his circle...

A quick 8 miles this lunchtime failed to produce the hoped-for Whinchat. 9 Stone-curlews were the bird highlight, though a fox was slightly better value (let's face it, Stone-curlews don't exactly do much in the middle of the day). The big milestone, however, was pedalling past the 500 mile mark. Hardly outstanding - nor anywhere near Chris and Simon's totals in their county-wide non-motorised years - but it equates to around 50 hours in the saddle instead of the driver's seat, which is a start...

Percentage of target to date - 101%
Distance cycled - 504.0mls / 811.1km
Latest addition -  Caspian Gull (159) 2 September

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