Sunday, 9 December 2012

Back in the field - and five species added!

Embarrassingly, a check back through the list revealed two "easy" species which I saw back in the summer which I forgot to add to my NMYL - Sedge Warbler (146) and Common Sandpiper (147). Oops....

More impressively, I have three new species to add, all of them of at least some quality.

First up, I added a species not only to the NMYL but also the (and I say it myself) impressive garden list last weekend, when a Merlin (148, and 108 for the garden - cool!) flashed through at the back of the garden, scattering passerines in all directions.

Yesterday, I pedalled just 3km down the road to the flood just south of Ringwood, adding Glossy Ibis (149) to the list at Bickerley Common, along with the regular local Great White Egret! Positively Donana-eque. In fact, I manouevred myself into a spot where I could get the Ibis, the GWE, Little Egret and Goosander in the same field of view - and then a Kingfisher flew through to put a cherry on top!

And today, a short walk to Snails Lake turned up the male Red-crested Pochard (150) which was found there yesterday, plus two Green Sands and yet another stunning Kingfisher. Nice work.

Lazy bastard that I am, I drove for the White-rumped Sandpiper at Longham Lakes last weekend, and while it's still there this weekend, I simply haven't got the time to spend three hours pedalling over there and back....lightweight.

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