Monday, 28 May 2012


25 miles in hot sunshine yesterday produced none of the hoped-for HBs - simply too hot for them to get up and about? Three Goshwaks were still displaying, surprisingly, and there were also Cuckoo, Redstart, Woodlark and the "usual" funny-sounding Chaffinch at ******* (mystery raptor site....) which does a Great Spotted Woodpecker "chink" at the very end of its song, just like Scandinavian birds. Perhaps I'll submit it to the HOS Records Panel (on which I sit - first meeting today as well, thrashing through lots of interesting and soem very duff recrds. We did reject the Golden Oriole in the end, by the way....)

Also a monstrous 2cy female Peregrine over the garden in the afternoon, plus Garden Warbler and Cuckoo in song. Additional garden ticks this weekend were a tiny baby Grass Snake (now in the pond after I rescued it from the cat....) and (for Julia....grrrr) a Downy Emerald on the pond.

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  1. Favourite typo(?) of the day: Goshwaks. Is that a new Viz term for the act of a mum walking in on a teenage son + Playboy moment?