Friday, 4 May 2012

Parting shot

After a week of pre-5am get-ups for (no) Nightingale and Breeding Bird Surveys - in miserable, cold, grey conditions - plus mountains of work stuff to do before hitting the Speyside trail with the mighty Mr Mills, I was looking forward to a quiet evening in, a bit of telly and maybe a glass of wine. However as I walked in through the door, the a-fore mentioned (all-hail) Jonny Rankin rang me in something of a panic: Dowitcher sp. being watched at Livermere, now!

I lost my cool, jumped in the car and only after safely grilling it for 10 minutes did I wise up, drive home, then wheel out the bike! It took me 2 seconds longer than the Arctic Tern run (there was a stiff northerly that day) but before 8pm I'd swung my 'scope past the full breeding plumage Bar-tailed Godwit (138) and on to an absolutely spanking Long-billed Dowitcher (139). Bitchin'!!

You cud nae script it - a few hours later and I'd have heard about it as Chris drove me hastily in the wrong direction! I'll leave you to savour this one lads... see y'all in a week.

Percentage of target to date - 90%
Distance cycled - 307.3mls / 494.6km
Latest addition - Long-billed Dowitcher (139) 4 May

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