Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Birding Lycra style

Never trust a man emerging from the bushes in lycra, sporting a pair of binoculars! It maybe one of the circle jerks!! Whatever you do, please don't google (just know you will have to now!)

Yet again we find ourselves competing for the number of birds seen aboard a bicycle, some of you may know Simon Woolley & myself spent the year aboard bikes trying to see as many species as possible without the aid of any motorised transport. Simon's booklet is still available see & extracts from mine are still available at 2005 evolved into an epic of birds, pain, sweat & effort.
2012 will be a little kinder with a 15km radius from the house being the boundary limits, I am about to rediscover gravel pit birding. Back to my Nottinghamshire days of staring at gravelly edges praying for a Common Sandpiper! It's a friendly challenge until you invite Simon Woolley - Winchester, Nick Moran - Thetford & Oscar Campbell Abu Dhabi (UAE), 3 highly strung, ultra competitive, hardcore birders anyone knows.

Anyway - "ON YER BIKE"!

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