Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Time to cycle & Shrike

20th Jan

Okay lets bring you up to speed!

Following my consciousness that a Great Grey Shrike at Fakenhan was within my boundaries it was time to "shrike whilst the iron was hot."
On arrival at Fakenham, cycling all the way into a NW breeze I was a bit pissed off that there was no sign of the Shrike.
A call to Nick established it was still present the previous day(thanks for that xtra bit of gen, Mr Moran!) & a 30 second walk flushed it from the hedge & it sat proudly atop a hawthorn allowing shaky scope views from a wind blown monopod.

Chocolate in Fakenham then on towards Sennowe & via a bit of undercover trespassing added Grey Partridge, Kingfisher, Water Rail, Goldeneye & Barn Owl. NML stands at 76.

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  1. Chris, you do realise that "shrike whilst the iron was hot" = yellow card, don't you?! And its only January...