Sunday, 29 January 2012

No more Sniping & more besides.

I had no intentions of stretching my tired muscles today, but an invitation at lunchtime from Gary Elton to head out & see Jack Snipe at Pensthorpe was just too tempting! It turned out to be a great decision, en-route an early returning Marsh Harrier graced the fields at Bintree - so that was numero 82.

I arrived at Pensthorpe & after 20 mins of criss-crossing the wet grassland with GE, I eventually (as per the norm) put Jack Snipe (83) up from under my feet. So i guess that's me domne with Snipe for 2012.

We then did a circuit of the lakes, past all the plastic stuff, which I ignored (please note Nick!!).
Then on to the main scrape (this looks like it might actually give me some wader habitat in the autumn -boys!) & lagoon. A quick scan scored an Oystercatcher (84), another scan found a drake Pintail(85) - nice eh? Finally, we walked to the main lagoon & a Cetti's Warbler (86) called & then chose to provide brief views. Pretty good afternoon, another 20 miles cycled & those buns & thighs are tightening up, nicely! Sorry girls, you'll have to wait till spring for the full lycra effect.

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