Saturday, 28 January 2012

Caspian Woodcock

Back home from work (actually, refereeing one the most obscure of the 19 codified games of football to survive worldwide - see this link), and straight on the bike to take advantage of the noticeably longer evenings. Straight up to the Lapwing Hide on Ibsley Water, and about 2500 gulls to sift through, most of them LBBGs. Two Yellow-legged Gulls were straightforward enough, but I quite rapidly identified a likely candidate for my real target - Caspian Gull. It looked a little anomalous at first when bathing, but it soon flew about a bit and then perched conveniently on an island - it was very nearly an adult, but not quite, so I'm calling it a 4th winter, or 5cy - most notably non-adult feature was a fine, broken subterminal "necklace" in the tail, plus a not-quite-spot-on bill pattern.

Back home, I was taking a phone call in the gloaming, when a Woodcock flew by - nice! Only the second for our garden.

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