Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Broken New Year's Resolution #17: Do not get involved in competitive listing for the second successive year.

After 365 days embroiled in hardcore (non-motorised) listing action - the TEAL Cup / BirdTrack Challenge 2011 - 2012 promised to be a tranquil sea of low-key birding. Until Chris came up with this bright idea, that is. Thanks Chris. Thris.

Anyhows, the White Nuns failed to magic up a Scaup at the Nunnery Lakes in 2011, and being a Breck-mega, this dirty female sparked a bit of excitement on 10 January. Fortunately for me (as Chris was yet to have his 'bright idea' at the time) I cycled down from home to twitch it... having been deep in the forest - motorised - looking for undisclosed raptors at an undisclosed location when the news broke ;)

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