Sunday, 29 January 2012

Eat My Dust

On the understanding that this competition is a race to 100, I decided to push the boat out even further this afternoon by tackling the 24 miles (and A134 in the dark - did you get that, Oscar?!) to try and pin down the Lackford Bean Geese. Turns out they're sneaky wee f*ckers, and weren't anywhere to be seen, let alone pinned. Likewise the Bittern (which has far more right to be sneaky than a Bean Goose), and the various Caspian Gulls that proper birders (with 'scopes) regularly extract from the gull roost. I had to settle for uber-tart Herring Gull (90) and Shoveler (91), considerably-less-tarty-in-Breckland-in-winter Great Crested Grebe (92), 3 fine Pintail (93), Yellow-legged Gull (94) - thanks to scoped-up Lee & Jonny (but where were the real gulls, lads?!) and - in the semi-darkness on the way home - several very vocal Grey Partridge (95).

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