Wednesday, 11 April 2012

As you were

Fully expected Oscar and Simon to have passed 140 and 130 respectively in my absence; pleasantly surprised to see that the distinct lack of much happening round here this lunchtime (2 more Willow Warbler and a Blackcap being the only discernible change since I left for SW Portugal on 2 April) has been mirrored elsewhere. Still have 2 hirundines, 2 Acros, LRP and Cuckoo as easy catch-ups on Simon, and miraculously still have the (joint) lead with 78%!

ps By Ace Of Spades at Mai Po, Oscar, I can't decide whether you mean Long-billed and Asiatic Dowitcher alongside each other, or memorable adult male Pied Harrier right overhead, or something altogether more spatulate (and predictable)? ;)

pps When it comes to 4 spectacular sparrers, I reckon 4(!) tussling imm Spanish Imperial Eagle, with a backdrop of displaying Calandra Lark, 55 Black-bellied Sandgrouse and a 'mixed flock' of 5 Great and 1 Little Bustards has to be in with a shout for best Circle Jerker sighting this Easter - though I'm sure Chris'll have a contender or two from Spain in due course... However, given that none of Portugal, Spain or Taiwan are anywhere remotely near our circles, it might be argued that we should all be hanging our heads/bins in shame?!

ppps You know you've done too much world birding when Great Bustard is your 18th bustard sp., Eurasian Eagle-Owl your 11th Bubo sp. and Spanish Imperial Eagle your 10th Aquila sp.!

Percentage of target to date - 78%
Distance cycled - 235.2mls / 378.5km
Latest addition - Willow Warbler (121) 1 Apr

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