Monday, 23 April 2012

The Jetlagged Commando

Back from Hong Kong at 0650 this morning, home by 0900, feeling pretty grim from two long haul flights (highlights: Fight Club and Shutter Island - one good, one not very good), in the field at 0945 after a text message from Simon Ingram - needed to get up to Ibsley Water. Unfortunately, I had just put all (and I mean ALL) my pants in the washing machine - so it was either do a David Beckham and borrow some of Julia's, or.......GO COMMANDO (also this....). Well, guess which I did. In heavy rain and freezing cold. Mai Po Blashford ain't, but I did quickly lock my heat-seeking surface-to-surface bin sights onto the required target acquisition asset: Black Tern (129). Nice.

Also to be had today were another four year ticks - House Martin, Garden Warbler, Dunlin and Common Tern (130-133). Back in the swing of things, then (not referring to the contents of my shorts) - and now I'm going to bed for a bit.

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