Monday, 9 April 2012

Normal service now resumed

Back in business as from Sunday and, as would be expected after a 2 week lay-off, there are a few birds needing clocking up. First, predictably, was Red-throated Pipit on the first scan of the Officer’s Club grass and I soon followed that up with a Willow Warbler in my White-throated-Robin-any-day-soon grove of trees nearby. Next day was especially prolific, with Barred Warbler and a hepatic Cuckoo – with no radio transmitter – first and then both Barn Swallow and Sand Martin together; not bad at all for an hour’s work. I don’t expect many more hours like that this year! Other than that, there’s been the merest dusting of migrants on the ground; only 3 shrikes in total (but one was Masked) and the only wheatears remaining are a few female Pied amongst a few Tree Pips, wagtails and that’s about your lot. Next up should be Nightingale and / or Ortolan, any day soon.


Total so far - 137 (78%)
Last addition – Barn Swallow (9th April)

PS Simon: we should talk more instead of competing! Hope Taiwan is as good to you as it was to me: I set the bar at any three out of the following: one million fireflies, 70 Black-faced Spoonbills,  40 Collared Bush-Robins or 20 Golden Parrotbills all in one morning as an absolute minimum. And all trumped by the Ace of Spades amongst 10,000 waders at Mai Po and 4 of these beauties sparring in the same bush (Chris, look away now...)

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