Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Despite a slew of Arctic Terns at inland sites around England earlier today, the best a lunchtime stroll round the Nunnery Lakes produced was a chuntering Reed Warbler (125). Cuckoo in the morning, then?!

Edit: Just shamelessly twitched a Whitethroat (126) during coffee break - partly because I was annoyed that John Marchant and I managed to walk past it at lunch time, mainly to take away the sickening taste left by the following message on the local bird forum:

One Arctic Tern at Livermere c1400 but chased off by BH Gulls & flew North. [Or in other words, right over the Nunnery Lakes, approx. 30 mins after we got back to our desks?!]

Percentage of target to date - 81%
Distance cycled - 235.2mls / 378.5km
Latest addition - Whitethroat (126) 17 April

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