Monday, 16 April 2012

Black and white minstrel…

... was a pretty appropriate prize for 150, which I spent 20 minutes with in the MPGs on Sunday evening. Three others have turned up in the UAE today, so this was the first of a reasonable arrival. This was Steve’s payback for last week’s Cinereous Bunting; I had initially missed it by 40m, being distracted by a nasty female wheatear on the Heli fence, which see. Otherwise, no major developments but my second Blackcap of the spring, Barred Warbler singing and a new Masked Shrike found today were all reasonable enough. There was a count of 100 Turkestan Shrikes at one site on the East Coast yesterday; no reflection of that over here on the Gulf side with just 6 today for me, including one rather awkward one that stuck about for photos.


Total so far - 150 (85%)
Last addition – Semi-collared Flycatcher (15th April)

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