Sunday, 5 February 2012

the big 'un!

5 February

A very low tide had me skidding to a halt on the way back from work tonight to try again along Eastern Lagoon for the heady duo outlined right here and so make my 6th effort of the year for the UAE’s number 2 and, er, Common Starling (again). The big guy has got a bit harder in the last few years, generally appearing in lower numbers and even further away than it used to. But today, a fine, cool and crisp dusk meant I could see for miles and, when you are the size of a Crab Plover you need to be really far away to slip the net. So in he went. I was pretty sure I’d find one somewhere at some point this year – I’d never have heard the end of it had I failed to – and it’s kind of a shame he wasn’t #100 but no matter. There were masses of waders and small gulls scattered over the mud and a few Marsh Harriers came by en-route to roost. I thought I was in the money with some godwits right in up to their bellies that looked good for Black-wits (an AD tick for me, no less) but one eventually flapped to reveal… nothing. That left only a Red Fox up to its knees as the final highlight. And that was an island tick!

Total so far - 99 (56%)
Last addition – Crab Plover (5 February)

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