Friday, 17 February 2012

Dos mas

Succumbed to the temptation of twitching this afternoon... but for 'proper' grey geese just within my circle by bike, nothing dafter! Up to 25 Y-fronts had been kicking around the Lackford area but weren't 'pinned down', so when a bunch turned up at Micklemere, just outside Ixworth, I started paying attention. No news for a couple of days but someone looked this morning and saw 2, possibly 3, so I got back in the saddle this afternoon. (European) White-fronted Goose (102) eventually located, though I had to climb a tree to be sure of all 8 of them!

Took a circuitous route home to try for Golden Plover (no sign, but ample compensation in the form of a roosting Short-eared Owl) and Tree Sparrow (103). Also experienced my strongest anti-farmer feelings of the year as the bridleway I took to reduce the amount of time spent dodging beet lorries on the A134 had been turned into a quagmire, plastering my bike and shoes in liquid pig sh*t. Nice.

Percentage of target to date - 66%
Distance cycled - 110.2mls / 177.3km
Latest addition - Tree Sparrow (103) 17 Feb

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