Monday, 27 February 2012

Walking in a white-winged wonderland!

Everyone else seems to have Goshawk on their Nunnery Lakes list. I don't, and in a bid to rectify this, I came to work prepared with bike and 'scope today so as to get as much of my lunch break as possible at my 'raptor watch point' (raised bank round one of the fishermens' carparks - you have to take what you can get in the way of hills in Breckland!).

Only a couple of distant Buzzards ion the raptor front but just as I was about to leave, a ghostly gull loomed into view - 3rd calendar year Iceland Gull (106)! Incredibly it landed on one of the lakes (big gulls tend to be reticent about this as the lakes are fairly small, and quite disturbed), before giving fine 'scope views overhead as it drifted off.

Couldn't quite believe my luck after my 'double dip weekend' with this species. One nagging question remains: can I garden-tick it retrospectively?!

Percentage of target to date - 68%
Distance cycled - 126.6mls / 203.7km
Latest addition - Iceland Gull (106) 27 Feb

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