Thursday, 16 February 2012

Over and out

Had a bit of a sweep round the island on the last two afternoons in a half-hearted effort to get fully into three figures before my half-term. No joy; it’s the typical mid February doldrums when even Isabelline Shrikes and wheatears are hard to find. Highlight was a superb total of 20 Pallas’s Gulls off the Officers Club one dusk, half being fully wicked and pristine breeding adults. Other than that, Saunders’s Terns and Lesser Cresties are still easy to find and added a couple more Pale Crags; under a flyover close to work. And that’s your lot. See you in March…


Total so far - 100 (56%)
Last addition – (still) Pale Crag Martin (11 February)

1 comment:

  1. You big ponce Oscar - "Pallas's Gulls" indeed....Keep looking for that "Hedge Accentor" as (presumably) a first for the UAE....