Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ticking over

I liked 'High Jynx' as a title though this goes one better, in that it has 3 meanings...

Decided to ignore the weather forecast today and pretend I too was swanning around in an air-conditioned 4x4 à la OsCAR. An abortive attempt to achieve this effect involved long johns + Ron Hills + cycling shorts on the bottom half and - in a moment of genuis - my fleece-lined, skin-hugging dive top, under various fleeces etc, from the waist up.

It was destination Lynford (35km return), where I kept the list ticking over with 16 Hawfinch (96) and a pair of Firecrest (97), before braving the exposed and frozen wasteland of Lynford Water, where 45+ Gadwall, 3 Wigeon and a Little Egret were about the best of it. Pretty sure I had another Hawfinch ticking over somewhere near Lynford Stag on the way back but by then I was more concerned with avoiding frostbite.

Wandered round the Nunnery Lakes when I got back, where 5 Goosander, a Wigeon, 13 Gadwall and the long-staying 2cy male Goldeneye were making the most of what little open water remained, and 3 Little Grebe and 3 (or 4) Woodcock were both PBs here.

Fairly sure that'll be my ticking over for the weekend, so I'll sign off with the latest scores (whilst they're still favourable for me!):

Nick 63% (97)
Chris 61% (89)
OsCAR 55% (98)
Simon 52% (85)
Pete ?

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