Thursday, 2 February 2012

Owl times 3

Stopped off yesterday when driving home from work and did not know whether to be dismayed or pleased when within 15 minutes I would have added Tawny Owl Teal, Woodcock and Grey Lag had I been on bicycle.
So today, away early straight into bike clothes - note no lycra reached same place as yesterday and waited and waited and waited and also got quite cold. Last night two tawnies were calling continuously at each other by 17.10. Tonight silence. (The teal had been flying down theWissey and possibly with the weather might have relocated)
Then just as the lack of light and heat were telling me it was time to go a L:ittle Owl calls, then a Barn Owl comes across field passes within 20 yards sorry 19m -must remember its the metric age and a distant Tawny calls to be followed by a group of Grey Lag.
All that remained was to cycle back into the wind along a lane that is 10% the width of the roads where Oscar is.
Also seen were threeCommon Buzzards -that were all going in same direction well after sunset. Do Buzzards roost communally? and a Sparrowhawk chased a small passerine across the road infront of me while the passerine its mind obviously elsewhere was nearly impaled on the front when spokes.

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