Monday, 26 March 2012

All in a day's work

Having spent 9 back-breaking hours working away at this kind of thing on Saturday...

... I decided to "do an Oscar" on Sunday i.e. get up at stupid-o'clock and drive 200+ miles west to the border (in my case, just over it!) for a spot of wanton twitching. I'm not proud that I succumbed to the temptation of a cracking male Common Yellowthroat... though I'm quite pleased that I managed to play it very cool - it was found 5 weeks and 3 days earlier - and happier still that I managed scope views!

Made the most a day's carbon-twitching by taking in some other goodies afterwards: a smart and typically tame male Lesser Scaup, an educational Spotted Sandpiper at point blank range, (yet) a(nother) Great White Egret (bettered by the world's showiest Bittern, quite frankly!), all washed down with not 1 but 2 Long-billed Dowitchers!

Anyway back to work today, an even lower-key lunchtime trundle on the bike (didn't even warrant the odometer!) and an afore-mentioned Gruffalo-eyed wader OML (117).

Percentage of target to date - 75%
Distance cycled - 210.3mls / 338.4km
Latest addition - Stone-curlew (117) 26 Mar


  1. Er....have they not invented stump-grinders in "the east" yet, then?

  2. Yes... but I'm a Yorkshireman and the b*ggers wanted another £250 on top of the £400 for taking the trees down in the first place ;)