Thursday, 1 March 2012

A quick chat

The beauty of working at the BTO is that even when you have to spend a glorious spring lunch hour punching in ringing data (at least partly for personal gain I must add - a C permit is tantalisingly close now, with 1,850 birds under my belt), there's always someone covering the Lakes! Cue a text from Andy Musgrove alerting me to a male Stonechat (107), and a quick pedal down there to scoop up another one.

Little Owl, Caspian Gull and Golden Plover remain elusive but with March underway, it's just a few weeks until the next big list-injection, as shown by my species accumulation for the same sites last year:
Percentage of target to date - 69%
Distance cycled - 126.6mls / 203.7km
Latest addition - Stonechat (107) 1 Mar

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