Wednesday, 14 March 2012

chipping away

Saying as nobody else is seeing any birds, I will make myself even more unpopular than before by choosing this point to announce that I have now added 11 more since the last update. It has been, yet again, a busy few days here now, with Turkestan Shrikes suddenly arriving en-mass from 8th, joined by a sprinkling of Blue Rocks, then no less than 6 good additions next day on Lulu: Lesser Whitethroat, Common Redstart, Stone-Curlew, Red-tailed Wheatear, European Stonechat and two Eastern Orphean Warblers), followed by Tree Pipit later that day and, just today, Blackcap and Little Ringed Plover. So very satisfying, especially when set in amongst the tapestry of the best start to spring I have had in 6 years here; Woodchats and Steppe Greys have reached 10-15 on some days, probably feeding on the rich flood of Black-eared Wheatears, Hoopoes have been everywhere and you cannot go out without tripping over a stonechat, usually a flashy variegatus. 60 Hypocolius on Friday weren’t bad at all either, and it is only one more day to wait before I go out and count them all again. Don’t worry guys, I am taking an enforced break soon…


Total so far - 126 (71%)
Last addition – Little Ringed Plover (14 March)

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