Saturday, 31 March 2012


A friend was due round for dinner at 7:30pm yesterday evening so it probably wasn't the most sensible thing on my part to belt out in the car at 7 to check if two wader species reported at Micklemere (22 miles return!) were still present... but I did it anyway. Birds-per-minute in a 7 minute(!) visit were top drawer - not only were the waders happily settled down for the night but a spanking adult/near-adult Iceland Gull materialised in front of me as the site's pre-roost dispersed! And I was only 8 minutes late for dinner.

Spurred on by this good fortune, I pedaled back out there at 6am this morning - the Black-tailed Godwit (118, and my first in Breckland, hence not annual) was still asleep when I arrived 50 minutes later, and the 3 Ruff (119) soon fell into place too. No large gulls (Iceland already OMN-ML anyway, so no worries there) but a Blackcap (120) singing nearby completed a very satisfying haul.

Percentage of target to date - 77%
Distance cycled - 235.2mls / 378.5km
Latest addition - Blackcap (120) 31 Mar

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