Monday, 12 March 2012

Clean sheets, cash back and confusion!

Right ladies - wot's going on?!

Simon: No Brambling on yer list? And last time I looked at the master list, you were on 103 so I don't understand this... don't those 2 take you to 104?

Chris: I know you want to challenge yourself but Med Gull (94) and Brambling (94) is shurely taking it a bit far? ;)

As for me, it's all very simple: Nothing to add. My folks were here over the weekend; Dad, Phoebe and I tried the Nunnery Lakes on Saturday to no avail (though at least we made it home in time for this - more than ample compensation!), and yesterday's Red-crested Pochard at Lackford wasn't there when Dad and I drove down for a fog-hampered check this morning, so no point risking the ride this afternoon. Further gripping news over the weekend came in the form of both Rough-legged Buzzard and Raven seen by other local birders in my circle - neither twitchable, both much less likely to fall than RcP :(

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  1. Yup - well spotted Professor Logic. I'm on 104 - 63%.