Saturday, 17 March 2012

Still trying...

...much like the England rugby team today! 30-9 certainly restored supremacy over the Irish this afternoon, and 35 miles on the bike this morning did the same in this far more important competition ;)

Ignored the piss-poor forecast and made a 6.45am start for Micklemere - just inside the southern edge of my circle - where Redshank (110) fell without fuss but Dunlin and Black-tailed Godwit (both present yesterday) failed to materialise. Onwards and upwards to Livermere (which I only visited by virtue of the fact my map didn't cover the main road route to Lackford) and a decidedly jammy Little Gull (111) - it was worth counting those 750 Black-headed Gulls! It had been reported a handful of times in the last few weeks but was very unpredictable, so much so that I'd forgotten all about it!

A quick text to Jonny Rankin to glean Red-crested Pochard gen resulted in not only that but also a tip-off that an Avocet - barely annual in Breckland - was at Lackford too! Pedal rate suitably elevated, Avocet (112) 'scored on arrival', and Red-crested Pochard (113) chalked up soon afterwards too. Then for some signs of spring in the unspringy conditions: 3 Sand Martin (114) and a fine male Wheatear (115), taking the all-important 'percentage of target' to 74%.

Deteriorating weather should have put me off my fourth attempt (3rd non-motorised) for Rough-buggered Lizard on the way home but it didn't. Unsurprisingly no buzzard in increasingly heavy rain but 4 Woodlarks, only my second non-motorised Stonechat (you know what I mean!) of the year and fine views of an increasingly damp Great Grey Shrike were fair compensation.

Percentage of target to date - 74%
Distance cycled - 202.8mls / 326.4km
Latest addition - Wheatear (115) 17 Mar

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