Saturday, 24 March 2012

Over and Out II

It is tough out here right now. Had to settle for the miserable tally of one flavour of Citrine, 2 of Yellow Wags, 3 for wheatears and 4 for shrikes, plus only one each for Rock Thrush and Wryneck for a whole 4 hours of work this morning. Feeble, eh? So disgusted have I been with recent goings on that I fled for 200km west yesterday for a lifer wheatear and am going a lot further east tonight for a two-week break. The only additions this week were Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin, Quail and, far more handily, peculiar spring records of Little Ringed Plover and Squacco Heron on the golf-course. Both are still present and gave terrific close views; the latter is almost the best (and quite the most welcome!) I have seen out here.

 Less fun were a bunch of close terns, pushed in by the wind along Eastern Lagoon; I only found the feeding flock very late on and that made the generally near-impossible task of sorting out Saunder’s from Little even more difficult than usual. Don’t fancy my chances with the latter this year…


Total so far - 131 (74%)
Last addition – Common Quail (20th March)

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