Friday, 9 March 2012

Flushed with success!

Firstly, apologies for the delay in posting "owt! Been very busy work & family health issues.

So here goes with an update

21st Feb

I returned to Hindringham, after seeing a flock of c400 Brents in winter wheat field they have been present on & off during Jan & Feb, but I thought they had gone as I have tried previously without any luck (pretty mega 8-9 miles inland from the coast!) Anyhow I saw them on the 20th whilst with a client, hence I was in the car.
I returned today on the 21st to find they were present, but actually I realised they are not visible from inside my boundary!! Fortunately as I stood scanning the distance, a car driver (whom turned out to be a bit of birder!!) stopped & wanted to know what I was looking at? I sheepishly explained the conundrum & he did his bit, stopping once level with the flock was enough, shall we say to "encourage" them into the air!! Brent Goose 91.............Cheers mate.

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