Sunday, 25 March 2012

And still they come....

A Willow Warbler (111) was in song in the garden just before lunchtime, and a couple of Ravens flew over, croaking like deranged giant flying frogs with in their throat. Then hot Twitter news had me on the bike and pedalling round to the Tern Hide at the reserve - and sure enough there were three Little Gulls (112) dancing about over the lake. But even better was the regular (over the last week or so - but so far unseen by me) Water Pipit (113), coming into something resembling decent summer plumage. Mmmmmm, nice....  No sign of the LRP reported, though. On the way back, more Blackcaps in song, plus Moschatel flowering in the woods.

Species: 113
% of annual total: 68%
% within 5km: 98%
% within 2km: 91%

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